WEX – Wiegand Extension project (IoT)

Here is a little project I have been working on for the past few months. This project is essentially a Wiegand code generator and a range extender over IP. I gave it the nickname WEX (Wiegand EXtender). While eventually it could become a real commercial or open source product, right now it is mainly a tool I couldn’t do without.

WEX base on the Raspberry PI
WEX base on the Raspberry PI

The motivation:
Few month ago, while I was working on a .net C# web service application, I realize that I had no real way of testing this new application. My application was creating a bridge between the Kantech Hattrix access control system and a customer HR system. Of course I could swipe a card in front a access control reader a couple of time to get some access granted and simulate how my software would behave (and I did of course), but since the customer was a large company with more than 1000 swipes per hour, I knew I had to come up with something better to emulate this scenario.

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